The Center for Human Rights Legal Aid Nasr Hamed Abu-Zayd
and academic freedom

The case of Dr. Nasr Hamed Abu-Zayd, in which a Cairo university professor was declared apostate on the basis of his research, and was ordered by a court to be divorced from his wife, has sparked fierce controversy the world over. CHRLA has been heavily involved in the defense of Dr. Nasr, and the academic and intellectual freedom he stands for.


Freedom of academic research: From confiscation to charges of apostasy

The implications of the court decision ordering the divorce of Dr. Nasr Hamed Abu-Zayd from his wife, Dr. Ibtihal Younis (July 1995)

Hisba: Is Egypt a civil or religious state?

This report examines the concept of hisba in Egyptian law (January 1996)

Press releases

CHRLA's comments on the Court of Cassation ruling on the case of Professor Nasr Hamed Abu Zayd August 12, 1996
Court of Cassation supports divorce ruling August 5, 1996

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