Press release

February 25, 1997

CHRLA Alex branch wins court order to support the participation of 11 candidates in the trade union elections

Alexandria court of first instance (Mahkamet al-Iskandareya al-Ibtida'eya) has supported the complaint filed by CHRLA's Alexandria branch against the decision of the Alexandria department of manpower (a branch of the ministry of labor) not to accept the nomination documents of 11 workers at the al-Manar school in the center of Alexandria, who were hoping to participate in the election for the union committee of the General Union for Workers in Education and Academic Research, scheduled to be held today, February 25, 1997. The department refused to accept the documents of the 11 candidates on the grounds that they were incomplete.

Today's court decision (no. 33/1997) was issued against the minister of manpower, and the head of the department of manpower in Alexandria. The candidates' documents were accepted, and they are now awaiting the results of the election.

It is worth noting that CHRLA filed 47 court cases on behalf of 210 candidates in various governorates during the course of last November's trade union elections. These elections saw major irregularities and abuses of due electoral process. The cases are still being reviewed by the different courts.

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