Press Release

March 30, 1997

CHRLA calls on the Egyptian Government

to release detained Cairo University students

It was with great concern CHRLA received news about the arrest of at least three students at Cairo University, and their referral to the public prosecution office, where they may be held in preventive detention for 15 days. While in custody they will be interrogated under the accusation of organizing demonstrations and a march to the Israeli Embassy to protest the settlement plan in the Arab Jerusalem.

CHRLA calls on the Egyptian authorities to release the detainees immediately, and unconditionally. The Center asserts that these students have only practiced their legitimate right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

CHRLA also calls on the authorities to end the sieges imposed on several Egyptian universities, and allow the students to peacefully express their solidarity with the Palestinian people in their confrontation with the Israeli occupation troops, whose recent actions represent yet another blatant violation of international law, United Nations resolutions, and international human rights instruments.

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