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Administrative Court ruling testifies to election rigging April 23, 1998
After the imprisonment of three journalists; 34 others threatened with custodial sentences March 30, 1998
After the Banning of al-Dustur, and the Detention of Three Journalists, the Cairo Times is Banned March 25, 1998
Appeal for the immediate release of Kamal Khalil October 23, 1997, visit Kamal Khalil's page
Continued violations of the rights to oppose the law on agricultural rents August 31, 1997, visit Kamal Khalil's page
CHRLA calls for the release of the defendants in the Muslim Brotherhood case August 12, 1997
Bulldozers ride roughshod over judicial rulings, leaving hundreds of people homeless in Manshiyat Ayn Helwan August 6, 1997
Prisoners of conscience tortured at Tora Prison June 22, 1997
Human Rights Watch representative denied entry into Egypt June 21, 1997
Fifteen-day detention for opponents of agriculture land law June 18, 1997
Security forces commit flagrant violations at Zaqaziq University June 18, 1997
Opponents of agriculture land law arrested June 17, 1997, visit Sabahy's page
Violating academic freedom and the right to form associations: Governor dissolves Mansoura's Faculty Members Club board of directors June 10, 1997
Torture and violations of Egypt's Constitution and laws in al-Waili police station June 3, 1997
Writer 'Ala'a Hamed's imprisonment represses freedom of opinion and expression. May 25, 1997
A Law Suit against Administration's Abuse at Cairo's Faculty of Literature May 24, 1997
The judiciary permits CHRLA to challenge the constitutionality of the Trade Union Law, and the decisions regulating labor elections May 24, 1997
Update on the case of Dr. Ahmad al-Ahwany May 6, 1997
Accusations of unbelief are a license to kill; April 30, 1997
Criticism of new agricultural land law leads to arrest of Cairo University professor April 30, 1997, visit Dr. Ahwany's page
Qena Awqaf Authority circumvents court rulings in attempt to evict tenants April 28, 1997
CHRLA's local government elections roundup; April 9, 1997
Second local election court ruling in favor of CHRLA ; April 2, 1997
CHRLA calls on the Egyptian Government to release detained Cairo University students; March 30, 1997
The administrative court upholds the nominations of two candidates in the local elections; March 25, 1997
The siege of electrical transformer workers in Matariya continues March 13, 1997
CHRLA Alex branch wins court order to support the participation of 11 candidates in the trade union elections February 25, 1997
30 years of Emergency Law: Has it ended the violence? February 24, 1997
(released in conjunction with Al Nadim Center for the Management and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence)
Constitutional Court upholds freedom of expression February 4, 1997
'Ain Shams university violates the rights of the disabled December 18, 1996
On the 48th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The government is requested to undertake serious measures to strengthen human rights December 10, 1996
Israeli Supreme Court declares torturing Palestinians a legitimate right; November 28, 1996
(released in conjunction with Al Nadim Center for the Management and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence)
Political parties in Egypt: Twenty years of a restricted multiparty system; November 12, 1996
CHRLA expresses its concern over the confiscation of al-Destour and the Middle East Times October 23, 1996
US applies its own criteria to protect human rights in Iraq! September 3, 1996
Military court sentences civilians to prison for attempt to form political party; August 15, 1996
CHRLA's comments on the Court of Cassation ruling on the case of Professor Nasr Hamed Abu Zayd August 12, 1996
Court of Cassation supports divorce ruling August 5, 1996
CHRLA condemns the assault of al-Sha'ab editor-in-chief; July 3, 1996
Little improvement to children's rights; new legislation lacks necessary safeguards February 28, 1996

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