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On May 27, 1995, the People's Assembly hastily ratified a new law amending certain provisions of the Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, and an article of the Journalists' Syndicate Law. These amendments made up Law no. 93/1995, which was ratified by the president of the republic that very same night, and was published in the Official Gazette on May 28, 1995, thereby becoming a state law. This announced the start of the "battle for the freedom of the press," as some people termed it. The battle is still in progress.
The following reports chart the progress of CHRLA's campaign against this law and its subsequent amendments and redrafting, with the most recent report first.


After the defeat of Law 93/95—The current state of freedom of the press in Egypt

Saying what we think:

CHRLA's report on freedom of opinion and expression in Egypt.

One step forward, two steps back

Comments on the draft of a new publications law

The press in Egyptian legislation

An article by article critique of Law 148/1980. Although this was superseded by Law 96/1996 the arguments in the report are still valid

Law no. 93/1995

A law to end the freedom of the press

Press releases

Update on the case of Dr. Ahmad al-Ahwany May 6, 1997
See the special al-Ahwany page dealing with this case - updated regularly as developments occur...
Accusations of unbelief are a license to kill April 30, 1997
Criticism of new agricultural land law leads to arrest of Cairo University professor April 30, 1997
CHRLA calls on the Egyptian Government to release detained Cairo University students March 30, 1997
Constitutional Court upholds freedom of expression February 4, 1997
'Ain Shams university violates the rights of the disabled December 18, 1996
CHRLA expresses its concern over the confiscation of al-Destour and the Middle East Times October 23, 1996
CHRLA condemns the assault of al-Sha'ab editor-in-chief; July 3, 1996

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